this website is scented! imagine with your nose the musty upholstery of an RV left in an empty lot, but someone has left a fresh cup of bergamot tea on the table

beneath the mildew and citrus there is the distinct sharpness of copper. and though you recognize it, it does not stir feelings of dread, but rather a sense of deep calm.

whatever resides here does not intend to harm, and is quite content with your company.

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undead collection | sixteen92


freshly exhumed funerary boxes, a circle of salt, cold iron stake, heavy stone, stinging rain, blood, fire

i feel tremendously fortunate that i was able to get my claws on this fragrance before its collection was retired. if the vampiric theme wasn't enough to draw me in, the scent itself left me spellbound. it is intoxicating. much like its namesake, this is a fragrance caught in the balance between living and dead. it almost defies description. cold, metallic, and desolate--yet warm, spicy, and earthy. deeply somber, but powerfully alluring. it's damp earth surrounding a coffin, a stake that missed the heart. i never feel more at home in my skin than when i'm wearing this.


frozen honeycomb, wispy fog, sheer linen, spectral violet, moonflower, shattered glass

this one is gorgeous. it opens with the sweetness of honey which slowly unravels--giving way to soft, somber florals, like a mournful cry rising into the night. the linen enshrouds you, the fog and shattered glass notes dancing around the edges of your perception like shadowy phantoms. a truly haunting, beautiful fragrance--i love it even more on my partner. ♡


dry cedar heartwood, warm sandalwood, plum wine, white birch, pale vanilla, delicate pine needle, grey ash

this scent is neither as cold nor as intense as one may expect from a fragrance named after a vengeful spirit. instead, it's warm, delicate, sweet. the plum wine harmonizes beautifully with the wood notes, all wrapped up in the gentle sweetness of vanilla. it's one of my favorites to wear at home, owing to the sense of comfort that blankets me each time i apply it. perhaps this relief is more reminiscent of a ghost that has taken its vengeance and is finally allowed to rest.


autumnal apples, saffron crocus, crisp golden leaves, unripe pumpkin, dusty hay bales, honey bourbon

this one initially hit too aggressively like a seasonal candle, but i like it much more after it's aged for a bit in the bottle. it's settled into something tastefully warm and spicy, like bourbon-spiked apple cider. in fact, it brings back cozy memories of sipping hot cider with a crew of creatures in the back of our barnyard haunt, warming our bloodstained hands . . . :) it's not as sinister as the name suggests, but for people who are especially enthusiastic about fall vibes, i think this one would be appreciated.


luminous amber, divinatory tea leaves, candle wax, pomegranate, black myrrh, howling wind, otherworldly musks

i didn't like this one at first. when i sampled it on arrival, the pomegranate notes seemed to overpower everything else in the bottle, giving it an almost unbearable grapelike scent. i'm pleased to say that time has been very, very kind to this fragrance. ♡ the pomegranate has settled down, allowing the remaining notes their chance to shine--and they're gorgeous. the honeyed warmth of amber, the soothing earthiness of tea leaves, and the soft pomegranate all combine to create something truly otherworldly. it gives me visions of bloodborne's oedon chapel, possibly attributed to the presense of incense and candle wax. :)

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