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name | reggie
age | embraced in mid 30's
pronouns | he/him
clan | nosferatu
predator type | bagger
haven | abandoned trailer park

in life, reggie was a supernatural investigator who flew too close to the sun, resulting in his embrace.

reggie now gathers information in exchange for drugged blood, typically carrying no less than three suspicious flasks within his coat at all times. iron gullet is a given.

sleeps on a moldy floor mattress surrounded by old CRT monitors powered by generators. male living space.

constantly landing himself in trouble with other vampires, due to the invasive nature of his work. tries to charm his way out of most of these situations, to varying degrees of effectiveness. it's a miracle he hasn't yet met his final death.

big fan of 80's synth-pop and 90's electro-industrial. he has an mp3 player loaded up with skinny puppy, ministry, and my life with the thrill kill kult.

he cites nivek ogre and trent reznor as his earliest transition goals.

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