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name | kurtis lapierre
age | embraced in early 20's
pronouns | they/them
clan | malkavian
predator type | siren
haven | shared apartment

kurtis has no memory of their embrace. they firmly believe themself to be dead-dead & everything they've experienced in their 5+ years of unlife has been a very long, very strange dream.

in life they were a deeply depressed sociology student, struggling with their identity & weighed down by feelings of hopelessness for the future.

to escape the stress of their home life, they spent their time hanging around the local punk scene. they still have a soft spot for the crowd--finding the taste of rebellious, disillusioned blood to be a comfort beyond compare.

they remain highly perceptive and compassionate, two qualities that lend strength to the use of auspex and their visions.

taken under the wing of toreador drag artist sacha monroe. sacha's guidance, while at times questionable, has helped them reinvent themself and find small joys in the endless nights.

perilously impulsive--a trait sometimes enabled by sacha.

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