this website is scented! imagine with your nose the musty upholstery of an RV left in an empty lot, but someone has left a fresh cup of bergamot tea on the table

beneath the mildew and citrus there is the distinct sharpness of copper. and though you recognize it, it does not stir feelings of dread, but rather a sense of deep calm.

whatever resides here does not intend to harm, and is quite content with your company.

iri veloura

iri veloura [stage name] is a rising alt-pop star and model from a world where extreme body mods are seen as glamorous status symbols.

she loves accessorizing with hooks, furs, and expensive things, and is often spotted chewing on metal.

her musical style is abrasive yet danceable, a manic clash of experimental pop and electropunk wrapped up with dark, unsettling lyrics.

with all her fame and fortune, it would seem like iri is living the dream, but being catapulted so suddenly into the limelight had some unforeseen effects on her mental state . . .

the pressures of success left her high-strung and unstable, and these days she tends to spend more time at nightclubs and house parties than the studio.

she keeps her mouth-hooks in to avoid conversation with people who recognize her in public, though she may click her teeth if she's feeling communicative.

those that know her closely would confess she's a time bomb, mere seconds from a colossal celebrity breakdown at all times.

whether her fall comes just as quickly as her rise isn't yet certain.

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