i'd love to change the world
ten years after

holiday on the moon
love and rockets

gimme danger
the stooges

livin' on livin'
lords of the new church

all along the watchtower
jimi hendrix


name | nick ambrose
age | embraced in early 30's
pronouns | he/him
clan | ravnos
predator type | opportunist
haven | vintage RV

ambrose manages the bane of his clan via an eternal road trip around the mainland US.

sleeps in an old musty RV. doesn't own much beyond his dated clothes, some tacky souvenirs, and a crate of psychedelic rock tapes.

his current travel partner is dimitri, a newly-embraced thin-blood that he took under his wing.

in addition to helping dimitri adjust to vampire life, he also assists in procuring alchemy supplies for the sheer thrill of watching a duskborn brew working potions from blood and monster energy drinks.

carefree, charismatic, and a bit of a flirt. very bisexual.

had celebrity crushes on lou reed and grace slick.

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