this website is scented! imagine with your nose the musty upholstery of an RV left in an empty lot, but someone has left a fresh cup of bergamot tea on the table

beneath the mildew and citrus there is the distinct sharpness of copper. and though you recognize it, it does not stir feelings of dread, but rather a sense of deep calm.

whatever resides here does not intend to harm, and is quite content with your company.

stained teeth and wilted flowers

there's a shuffling sound. you feel the shifting of the air.

something is with you in the small space. its presense is unmistakable, though the source of it is yet invisible to your eye.

as you squint into the dim light, searching, the shadows appear to coalesce, winding together in the shape of a figure.

the storyteller speaks . . .

♫ : alone in the town

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